P4 & P5 Teaching and Learning


During our Egyptian topic we have already been learning what life was like in Ancient times, how important the River Nile was, and how archaeologists discovered more and more about how they lived. We look forward to finding out more.

In numeracy this term we will be looking at coordinates, fractions, division, decimal numbers, symmetry, and area . P5s will be further developing their understanding and application of multiplication, division and understanding what written problems mean.

In Literacy this term we are looking at letter writing, instructional writing, using feedback to improve our work, and more on using perfect punctuation and grammar in our work. We continue to better at our reading as we focus on fluency, accuracy, and understanding.

Prizes and awards

In P4/5 we will have Friday awards where a star of the week will be awarded, as well as a pupil of the week award (for great work).

Children will also get the chance to earn ‘Brag Tags’ – these will be put onto a keyring for the children to keep, and are awarded for character traits, numeracy and literacy abilities, strengths in subjects and reading achievements.

Accelerated Reader

P4/5 go to the AR library on a Monday afternoon. They are allowed up to 3 books, and can take quizzes on them in class.




Activity based learning

Through different activities P4/5 are practising many different skills.

Just like the Ancient Egyptians, we have been making our own woven mats

Measuring in centimetres to create the net of a pyramid

Using ipads to develop our mental maths recall and our technology skills