Eco club

Mrs Milligan organises our Eco club, which runs as part of after schools in 5-week blocks throughout the year.

Dunseverick Primary have been busy forming a new Eco-Club. Here we hope to think, plan and act on our world’s problems starting in our own school.

This year our three big goals are

  1. Reduce the amount of electricity we use
  2. Ensure our school is litter free
  3. Reduce the amount of waste we produce in school

Eco-Club assemble

There are many members to our Eco-Club, but on Fridays a dedicated crew have been working hard to put in place important measures that we decided as a group. More details to follow!

The Great Litter Pick

As part of our action plan we decided something had to be done about all the litter in and around our school grounds. Eco-Club ASSEMBLE

Looking for litter

Bagging it

We found so much!

A job well done!


After much hard work, checking our results, and informing others, Dunseverick Primary School was awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Our focus on reducing litter, waste and the amount of electricity paid off, and our school is much better at looking after the beautiful environment where we learn. One of our biggest successes was the introduction of food waste bins that are now around the school and emptied every week by our pupils.

We are very happy to have achieved this flag, but we must continue to look after our environment in different ways. Our next Eco-Club must decide what we should focus on in 2019. Already some exciting ideas have come forward. Thank you to our brilliant Eco-Committee for what you have done!