No Smoking Day – Wednesday 12th March

On Wednesday 12th March, Primary 7 had a visit from Jackie Cochrane, a respiratory nurse working with British Lung Foundation.  Primary 7 watched a video highlighting the top ten reasons why they shouldn’t smoke.  They also were made aware of the effects which smoking had on the human body.  They enjoyed playing the straw game and seeing the experiement of how the human lungs absorb tar from a cigarette.  They also enjoyed a treat from Marie who had visited from Breathe Easy, Causeway group.IMG_1369[1] IMG_1370[1] IMG_1372[1] IMG_1374[1] IMG_1375[1] IMG_1383[1] IMG_1382[1] IMG_1379[1] IMG_1378[1] IMG_1377[1] IMG_1376[1]