Class Assembly

Friday Letter – Newsletter

Dates for the diary

Monday 5thNovember –Staff Development Day – Children off school

Thursday 8thNovember-Good News Club – 3pm – 4pm (P4-P7)

Saturday 10thNovember –AQE Test 1

Thank You

Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents for a fantastic first half term.  We are looking forward to next term and all that it will bring.

Parent Consultations

Thank you to all the parents who attended parent consultations this week. 

Class Photographs

Some of you may have noticed our lovely welcome board in the foyer with all the class pictures.  We normally only take class pictures of P1 and P7 and these were the only pictures that the company sent proofs of.  However, if anyone would like to order a class picture (£15), please contact Dawn after half term and we can place an order.  Any orders need to be placed with Dawn and paid before Friday 9thNovember.

Lunch Menu

For week beginning Monday 5thNovember 2018, we will be following Week 1 on the school lunch menu.  Thank you to Judith and her team for a fantastic Hallowe’en feast on Wednesday and all the lovely prizes.

Theatre Trip

Thank you to everyone who has made payment towards the theatre trip. Just a reminder that the total cost of this trip will be £10 per child which can be paid in full or in 2 instalments – 1st payment to be made before Friday 26thOctoberand final payment to be made before Friday 16th November.  Payment can be made via school money or sent into class teachers.

Half Term

School will finish for all pupils today at 2pm for half term break.  Pupils will return to school on Tuesday 6thNovember 2017.

P5/6 – Class Assembly

Parents, grandparents and friends of our Primary 5/6 children are invited to a special class assembly on Thursday 29th November at 9.30am.  This will be a celebration of the children’s work and we look forward to welcoming you all to school.  Please stay for tea/coffee afterwards.

School Development Day

School will be closed on Monday 5th November for staff training.  Staff will be receiving IPad training and developing action plans for our core subjects within our school development plan.

Things to do this Autumn

Autumnal wander

Kick the leaves

Carve a pumpkin

Bake a cake

Fly a kite

Read a good book

Eat an apple straight from a tree

Friday Letter – 18th May 2018

Dates For The Diary
Monday 21stMay – P5/P7 Swimming
Tuesday 22ndMay – Cookery – P4-P7 (3pm – 4pm)
Wednesday 23rdMay – School Council – P4-P7 (3pm – 4pm)
Thursday 24thMay – P2/3 Class Assembly @ 9.30am – Netball – P4 – P7 (3pm – 4pm)
Friday 25thMay – School Development Day – School Closed

Primary 2 & 3 – Class Assembly
Parents, grandparents and friends of our Primary 2 & 3 children are invited to a special class assembly on Thursday 24thMay at 9.30am.  This will be a celebration of the children’s work and we look forward to welcoming you all to school.  Please stay for tea/coffee afterwards.

School Closures
School will be closed on Friday 25thMayfor School Development Planning and also on Monday 28thMay for the bank holiday.

School Council
Preparations are well underway for our Mad Hair May Day on Thursday 31stMay. Children will be asked to contribute £1 for their mad hair which we will use to purchase playground equipment.

If your child is absent from school, please remember to send absence notes on the day your child returns to school.

Policy Reminder
The following policies are available on the school website at

  • Complaints policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Prescribed medication
  • Safeguarding
  • Inclement weather
  • School uniform
  • Child Protection – a guide for parents.

Queries or Concerns
I would like to remind parents, that if they should have any queries or concerns to come and see class teachers or the principal.  We endeavour to make Dunseverick Primary school a welcoming and friendly, safe place for all children, parents, visitors and staff and can only do this with the support of everyone.

We are ever hopeful that the warm, sunny weather will continue. Please remember to send a sun hat, sun cream and a bottle of water with your child to school each day.

Cups & Trophies
We still have a number of cups and trophies to be returned.  Please check at home and return to school as soon as possible. Many Thanks.

School Dinner Menu

Monday 21stMay
Ham & Cheese Paninis or Salmon Fishcakes
Mash, Herb Dice, Veg
Chocolate & Pear Sponge & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Tuesday 22ndMay
Lasagne or Cheese & Bean Jackets
Mash & Veg
Arctic Roll & Fruit or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Wednesday 23rdMay
Roast Turkey, Stuffing Balls & Gravy
Roast & Mash Potatoes, Veg
Banana Sponge & Custard
Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Thursday 24thMay
Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan or Chicken Bites
Chips, Salad
Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Friday 25thMay
*School Closed *
*No Dinners*

Friday Letter – 8th December 2017

Dates For The Diary
Monday 11th December – P5/6 Swimming (Mrs Scott’s class)
Tuesday 12th December – P6/7 Trip to Ballycastle High
Tuesday 12th December – Rec – P3 – Nativity – 10.00am
Tuesday 12th December – P4 – P7 – Carol Service – 7.00pm
Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day

We are really looking forward to our Christmas performances next week. A big thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents for helping prepare the children for both these events.

Christmas Gift Boxes
We hope the children are enjoying decorating the Christmas gift boxes and parents making them.  All gift boxes are to be returned to school no later than Tuesday 19th December.

Class Assembly
Mrs Bell’s P4/5 class will be taking assembly on Thursday 25th January at 9.30am. Parents and friends of children in P4/5 will be invited to come along and enjoy the assembly and enjoy some tea/coffee and scones after.  More details will follow in the New Year.

Unfortunately, our school is being hit by a lot of illness at the moment.  We hope the children will feel much better soon.  Please be advised that children should not return to school until 48hours after the last bout of illness.  This is to let the child fully recover and prevent further spread.

If you haven’t already checked, a letter was sent home on Tuesday with lots of information and important dates.  Something to pin to the fridge!

Movie & Munch Night
Thank you to Friends of Dunseverick for our organising our Movie and Munch night.  The children had a great evening and enjoyed yummy hot chocolate and popcorn

Tesco Bag Pack

We still need volunteers!
Friends of Dunseverick have secured a slot for bag packing in Tesco, Ballymoney on Monday 18th December.  We are asking for volunteers to help with the bag pack.  A rota will be put on the front door. Please fill in your name at any time you would be available to help.  We are also hoping to take our P5/6 class to Tesco on the same day to do some carol singing.

Inclement Weather
Weather forecasts have been warning of severe weather and snowfall.  We have an ‘Inclement Weather’ policy on our website which explains the procedures for closing school due to the weather (fingers crossed we won’t need to). I have sent out a text message to everyone today to make sure everyone is receiving texts. Text Messaging is our first communication method should we need to close school and I am asking that if you did not receive the text message can you email me, with your mobile number and I can add your number to this service.

Christmas Dinner
Thank you to Judith, Rosemary and Claire for a delicious Christmas lunch which we all enjoyed.

Christmas Jumper Day
On Friday 15th December we are asking all children to wear a Christmas Jumper to school.  Any money raised will be donated to NSPCC.

Behaviour Award
Well done to Rec/P1 and P4/5 who received the behaviour reward in Assembly today.  They will enjoy some extra playtime.

School Dinner Menu

Monday 11th December
Chicken & Broccoli Bake or Savoury Mince in Gravy
Mash & Veg
Date Krispie & Fruit or Fresh fruit or Yoghurt

Tuesday 12th December
Cheese & Beans Jackets or Chilli Chicken Wrap with Garlic Mayo Drizzle
Herb Dice & Veg
Rice Pudding & Fruit or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Wednesday 13th December
Pasta Bolognaise or Fish Fingers
Mash Veg, Salad
Ice Cream Chocolate Sauce & Fruit
Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Thursday 14th December
Roast Gammon Stuffing Balls & Gravy
Roast & Mash Potatoes, Veg
Pineapple Sponge & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Friday 15th December
Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan or Steak Burger
Chips, Salad, Veg
Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt