Music Tuition

Wednesday Letter – 8th March 2017

Dates for the Diary
Wednesday 8th March

  • Dance Club – P1 – P3 (2-3pm)
  • Dance Club – P4 – P7 (3- 4pm)

Thursday 9th March

  • Good News Club – P4 – P7 (3-4pm)

Monday 13th March

  • Football Club – P4 – P7 (3-4pm)
  • Eco – Club – P4 – P7 (3-4pm)

Friends of Dunseverick
All families should have received a flyer on Friday from Friends of Dunseverick with some upcoming fundraisers and an order form for tea towels. Please remember to send in any orders for tea towels to school on or before Wednesday 15th March.

A timetable has been drawn up for the Tesco bag pack. Please call into school and put your name down for a time which you would be available to help out. Also parents with children in P6/7, you can take their child with them during the day to help bag pack. The date for the next Friends of Dunseverick meeting is on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 at 7.30pm in Causeway Hotel.

Music Tuition
Harp and piano music lessons will be starting on Thursday 9th March. Letters have been sent home with individual pupils.

Staff Training
Mrs Scott is attending a Science course on Wednesday 8th March.
Mrs Smyth will be attending an E-safety course on Thursday 9th March in the afternoon.

Primary 4’s enjoyed a great indoor bowling session with Ian and Chris. Please send in trainers for this Friday.

School Money
Payments online have been very successful and so far we have currently 42 out of 62 families registered. If you are having any difficulties or are unsure contact Dawn. Any feedback about the service would be most welcome.

School Photographs
Children will have received a proof of their school photograph. Please return any orders for photos to school as soon as possible.

Primary 6 and 7 have had a fantastic time at Woodhall. They have been so well behaved and one of the instructors made the comment that he would love to send his children to Dunseverick Primary School. Well done for being great ambassadors of our school.

Break Club (10:30am)
We would just like to remind parents of our healthy break policy and the availability of our break club. Children can have the choice of toast, wheaten and fresh fruit every day. Please ensure that children have money to pay for items they get from break club.

School Dinner Menu

Monday 13th March 2017
Asian Veggies & Noodles or Salmon Fishcakes
Salad, Mash, Coleslaw
Date Krispie & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Tuesday 14th March 2017
Brown Beef Stew or Spaghetti Carbonara
Salad, Mash, Veg
Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Wednesday 15th March 2017
Salmon Fish cakes or Hot Dog
Veg, Mash, Herb Dice
Rice Pudding & Fruit or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Thursday 16th March 2017
Roast Chicken & Stuffing Balls & Gravy Roast & Mash Potatoes
Apple Cake & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Friday 17th March 2017 (St Patrick’s Day Lunch)
Irish Stew & Wheaten Bread or Paddy Pizzas (on soda bread)
Apple Crumble Cake & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Wednesday Letter – 8th February 2017

Dates for the diary
Wednesday 8th February – Fun with Drums – 2pm – 3pm (P1 – P7)
Thursday 9th February – Good News Club – 3pm – 4pm (P4 – P7)
Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th February – Parent Consultations
Thursday 16th – Tuesday 21st February – Half Term – School Closed

Internet Safety Day
We celebrated Internet Safety Day in school yesterday and completed activities about staying safe online. Key Stage 2 children are looking forward to a visit from the PSNI next Wednesday to talk more about staying safe online.

Half Term
Just a reminder for all parents that school will be closed on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st February for half term break. School will reopen on Wednesday 22nd February. Breakfast club and 223 club will recommence on this day as well.

Portstewart Festival
Children will have received a note home with the date and time they are performing at Portstewart Festival. We have the actual tickets in school and will distribute these to the children on the day that they are participating.

Music Tuition
Miss McDermott will be in school this Friday (10th February) for those pupils who play the clarinet and flute. This is to compensate for the lesson which the children will miss when they are off for half term. A letter is also going home today offering pupils the opportunity of harp and piano tuition. Please check school bags!

P6/7 Woodhall Trip
Just a reminder that the final amount for the Woodhall trip needs to be paid by Wednesday 1st March 2017. Medical forms, a kit list, an itinerary and a pupil/parent contract will be sent home next week.

World Book Day
World Book day this year is on 2nd March. Unfortunately school is closed on that date for the election so we have decided to celebrate World Book Day, on Wednesday 1st March. We are looking forward to welcoming a story teller into school on that day and also seeing the children dress up as a favourite character out of a book. We would encourage children to design and make their own costumes and also to bring their favourite book/story into school on that day so we can share with the rest of the class.

After – Schools Clubs
A letter has been sent home listing all the after school clubs for next term. Please send in any remaining forms on or before Monday 13th February.


School Dinner Menu 

Monday 13th February 2017
Asian Veggies & Noodles or Homemade Cheese & Tomato Pizza
Salad, Mash, Coleslaw
Date Krispie & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Tuesday 14th February 2017 – St Valentine’s Menu
Chicken Quesadilla’s or Sausage Arrabbiata (Tomato Sauce)
Garlic Bread, Herb Dice
Mash & Veg
Raspberry Mousse and Shortbread Heart

Wednesday 15th February 2017
Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan or Chicken Bites
Chips, Corn, Salad,
Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce & Pears or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Thursday 16th February 2017

Friday 17th February 2017

Wednesday Letter – 21st September 2016

DPS Newsletter Header

Dates for the Diary
Thursday 22nd September – P4 – P7 – Good News Club (3pm – 4pm)
Friday 23rd September – P1 – P3 – Fun with Drums (2pm – 3pm)
Monday 26th September – P1 – P3 – Art & Crafts (2pm – 3pm)
Monday 26th September – P7 – Grafters (3pm – 4pm)
Tuesday 27th September – P4 – P7 – Drama (3pm – 4pm)
Tuesday 27th September – P4 – P7 – Gardening (3pm – 4pm)
Wednesday 28th September – P4 – P7 – Spanish (3pm – 4pm)

Reading Partners
We would like to ask if any parents or family members would like to volunteer in the school as a Reading Partner, listening to and supporting children with their reading and comprehension skills.

Reading is such an important skill for children and we are keen to do all we can to make sure that all of our children are confident readers. Reading partners usually volunteer for a session every week. This work has a fantastic impact on children’s confidence and really makes a difference to their attainment across the curriculum. If you would like to become a Reading Partner please or phone 02820731600.

Plea for Plants
Thank you to those parents who have sent in bulbs and plants for our gardening club but we really need some more!  Anyone still wanting to send in any extra plants/bulbs please do so before next Tuesday 27th September. Thanks.

Flu Vaccine Letters
All children should have received a flu vaccine letter on Monday. Please return your child’s flu letter to the class teacher on or before Friday 23rd September.

June 2016 Results
We have now received results for the tests children completed in June 2016.  These results will be shared with parents during parent interviews in October.

Music Tuition
If your child received music tuition last year, can you please check to see if their tuition has been paid? Contact Dawn and let her know if you have paid or if you need to make a payment.

Friends of Dunseverick
Thank you to those parents who have returned the forms for our ‘Friends of Dunseverick’. Please send any remaining forms expressing an interest in Friends of Dunseverick to Dawn before Friday 23rd September.

School Uniform
We are delighted to see children coming to school looking so smart in full school uniform.  Children should be wearing black school shoes during the day but children in P4 – P7 can change into trainers at break/lunch time if they are playing football.

Just a reminder that all money for dinners and 223 club should be sent to school on a Friday.  Booking slips for 223 club should be sent to class teachers on a Monday.


Board of Governors
Thank you to the parents who have expressed interest in becoming a parent representative.  We will be sending out voting slips next week for the two candidates.

Potato Festival
The Northern Ireland Potato Festival is being held at the Giant’s Causeway on Saturday 1st October 2016.  This is a FREE event with lots of activities taking place all day.

Healthy Habits – Portrush Junior ParkRun
This is a 2k run for juniors only (4-14 year olds) which is held every Sunday morning at 9.30am on East Strand Beach in Portrush.  Visit website for more information


School Dinner Menu

Monday 26th Sept 2016
Fish Coddies or Ham and Cheese Panini Melts
Mash & Veg
Raspberry Ripple flavoured Mousse or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Tuesday 27th Sept 2016
Chicken Noodle Stirfry or Homemade Cheese & Tomato Pizza
Mash, Herb Diced, Veg
Pineapple Sponge & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Wednesday 28th Sept 2016
Lasagne by Luigi or Sausage & Bean Pie
Mash & Veg
Ice Cream Sponge Roll or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Thursday 29th Sept 2016
Roast Chicken Stuffing & Gravy
Roast & Mash Potatoes
Chocolate & Pear Sponge & Custard or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt

Friday 30th Sept 2016
Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan or Chicken Bites
Chips, Coleslaw, Salad
Ice Cream & Fruit or Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt