Water Bottles

Wednesday Letter – 24th August 2016

Wednesday Letter

Dear Parents and Friends,

I hope you all have had a relaxing and refreshing summer break. As before, we will endeavour to communicate with parents and friends via our weekly ‘Wednesday Letter’ and through our school website. I would draw your attention to several details and stress their importance to maintain the efficient running of our school.

General Reminders

  • Please ensure that your child wears FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM at all times. Each item of clothing, school bags and lunch boxes should be CLEARLY LABELLED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME.
  • The only jewellery permitted to be worn in school are watches and plain, small, stud earrings. All jewellery to be removed during sporting activities and PE lessons. These items remain the responsibility of the pupils. Stud earrings should be covered with plasters if they are unable to be removed. Plasters should be sent in for PE lessons if this is the case.
  • Make up and nail polish are not permitted to be worn in school. Any child found to be wearing makeup will be asked to remove it. Hair decoration should be simple and practical and long hair should be tied up.
  • P4-7 pupils should bring a PE kit each week for PE lessons, which includes shorts/track suit bottoms, t-shirt/sweatshirt and trainers/plimsolls. They should also bring an Art Shirt which can remain in school.
  • Reception – P3 pupils should bring slip-on plimsolls to change into for PE in a named bag to be kept in school. They should also bring an Art Shirt which can remain in school.
  • Mobile Phones are NOT permitted in school. Exceptions can be made with regard to transport and medical conditions. Please contact the school should such a need arise.
  • All homework should be seen and signed by a parent or guardian.
  • If pupils are taken out of school during term time for any period of time, you will appreciate that it is difficult for teachers to plan work ahead. School cannot send work with children when they go on holiday during term time.
  • Parents must ensure that children arrive on time for the beginning of lessons at 9.10am and that they are collected promptly at the end of their school day (2pm and 3pm) if they do not travel on the bus.
  • Teachers are not on duty until 8.40am each morning when supervision begins.
  • Except in extreme circumstances, appointments (eg. doctor/dentist) for children should try to be made outside school hours so that pupils do not miss valuable teaching time. Regular attendance is essential if a child is to make progress. Rolls will be called both morning and afternoon and attendance will be monitored by the Educational Welfare Officer if your child’s attendance falls below 85%.
  • When absence is necessary, a brief note from the parent, WITH THE RELEVANT DATE(S) INSERTED, GIVING A REASON FOR THE ABSENCE should be brought to school on return. This will be retained in the child’s file. A note is necessary for computer attendance records, as required by the Educational Welfare Officer. I would also ask you to ring the school office in the morning to inform us of your child’s absence.
  • Children who have been ill/sick during the night should NOT be sent to school.
  • Places on a bus are provided by the NEELB. The school has no role in the allocation of seats. However, behaviour on the buses must be of the highest standard and those pupils who do not respect this, may have their place on the bus revoked. The school works closely with the NEELB and Ulsterbus to monitor behaviour and I would ask that parents continue to help to develop safe and sensible attitudes in their children.
  • Children should be well behaved and well-mannered in school. The staff will act in line with the school’s Positive Behaviour policy and will endeavour to keep parents informed about both good and inappropriate behaviour. Parents are asked to support the school’s endeavours in dealing with indiscipline.

Water Bottles and Healthy Breaks
You are already aware that we implement a Healthy Break Policy. This encourages pupils to bring fresh water every day which they can drink during school to help them to concentrate and to keep them refreshed. A healthy break must be fruit, a bread product, milk or water. Our Break Club allows pupils to purchase items every day. We would appreciate your support in carrying this initiative forward on a daily basis.

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